The Missing Conversation 03 cover


This is my one hundredth post for the blog. In honor of that milestone and in the spirit of the holiday season, OST Publications has a present for you.

From Dec. 19, 2012 until January 16, 2013, Vol 03 of The Missing Conversation will be available for download absolutely free.

If you have been curious about the publication or on the fence about trying a copy, now is your chance to check it out, no strings attached. Why are we doing this? Because we can and because we wanted to say thank you to our friends and customers.

Volume 03 looks at finescale modeling with a short essay on prototype wheels, an in-depth look at P87 and P48 modeling from the perspective of someone who has actually done both. In this issue I share the real world experiences I’ve had in working with finescale wheels and track in both scales. There is also coverage of Warner Clark’s fine P48 Maumee Basin Lines layout inspired by the Nickel Plate of the 1950s.

The Volume 03 free offer has expired. The normal $9.99 USD cover price now applies.

We have more! Vols. 01 and 02 are a two-part series on layout design and we are also bundling them┬átogether as a single download for $14.99 USD. You’ll save approximately five dollars over the individual cover price of both issues.

Purchase Issue #01 and 02 of The Missing Conversation Special Combo

The Missing Conversation #01 & #02: Combo $14.99

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you again for all of your generous support throughout 2012.