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TMC 11 Scratchbuilding: A Gift You Give To Yourself

TMC 11 Scratchbuilding: A Gift You Give To Yourself

The Missing Conversation Volume 11 PDF download, 55 pages.

Scratchbuilding: A Gift You Give To Yourself.


Have you ever read a statement like this? “I tried scratchbuilding once. It was frustrating and the thing looked crummy so I gave up. Scratchbuilding is too hard.”

Maybe you’ve read many articles or books that make scratchbuilding seem so easy. But when you try it, you discover things aren’t that simple.

Volume 11 is the story of my first serious attempt at scratchbuilding a boxcar. This isn’t the typical step-by-step set of how-to instructions. Volume 11 shares the real process: the ups and downs, the discoveries and setbacks and, most important, the lessons you’ll learn about yourself as a modeler.  

In this craft and in life, you can be of a fixed mindset, where you believe you can do something or you can’t. Or a growth mindset, meaning you see yourself as capable of achieving more than your current level of accomplishment. In this volume you’ll learn that scratchbuilding is a series of questions asked and answered. It’s a gift you give to yourself. A journey from I can’t to Yes, I can.

Ready? Then join me at the bench.

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