A Different Conversation

There is no shortage of advice about building a layout and it seems like “experts” are everywhere. In an expert-centric culture, we’re led to believe somebody else has the answers we’re seeking. I believe that when it comes to designing and building your layout, you’re the expert.

A Different Conversation
The experts don’t know your space and what you want to accomplish. They don’t know how much time, skills and other resources you can bring to the work and, they’ll likely bias you toward their way of doing things rather than what you want.

You can learn to trust your gut and the choices you make. You know why your choices about a prototype, era or location inspires you and why it’s meaningful to you.

You understand your process. You’ll analyze the prototype and decide which details to focus on. You’ll learn and not be afraid of your mistakes, because they’re the keys to getting better.

Want More Than A Shopping List?
The Missing Conversation is a 12 volume e-book series that asks the question why? Why am I doing things this way? Why am I drawn to this scene? What am I trying to say with my modeling? Why is this particular branch line meaningful to me?

It doesn’t give you the answers but helps you find your own.

TMC 04 Craftsmanship

TMC 09 The Forest and The Trees

TMC 12 Scratchbuilding: Thinking it Through

The Craft Means Different Things To Different People
You might think that’s all well and good but so what? I like things just the way they are and I don’t need all that navel gazing stuff. That’s fine but this craft means different things to people. In my case, asking such questions helped me uncover my own entrenched hobby biases and their impact on my enjoyment of the work. As a result, I’m practicing the craft in ways I wouldn’t have considered before. I learned that this craft can take me as far as I want to go and that I’m only limited by conventional practices if I choose to be. My enjoyment is deeper and so is my level of satisfaction and, really, isn’t that what a hobby should provide?

The ideas I explore aren’t to everyone’s taste but when you want more than a shopping list, or you want thoughtful ways to explore the craft more deeply, this series is for you. Are you ready to start your own conversation?