A Different Conversation

There are as many ways to enjoy model trains as there are people who do. This craft is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve known and I want to share that sense of satisfaction with others. I believe there is far more to it than chasing after the latest cheap hacks and shortcuts. For me, it’s been a learning experience and a journey of discovery.

It taught me how to plan a project and see it through.

It helped me develop skills that I didn’t think I had, like metal working.

What The Books Cover
I understand how expensive the craft can be and that everyone has limited funds and time to pursue it. I’m very proud of the titles on offer however, you need to what you’re getting from the books.

I model in P48 and it’s important to know that the primary focus of these books is on building small finely crafted layouts and pursuing excellence in modeling for its own sake. With that said, the ideas and techniques are applicable to layouts of any size and scale.

The Missing Conversation is a 12 volume e-book series about the other side of the hobby: the question of why? Why am I drawn to this scene? (Volumes 06 and 10) Why is this particular line meaningful to me? (Volumes 01-02) Can a small layout offer satisfying operations? (Volume 05) Why am I doing things this way? (Volumes 11-12) The books don’t provide ready-made answers but help you find your own.

TMC 04 Craftsmanship

TMC 09 The Forest and The Trees

TMC 12 Scratchbuilding: Thinking it Through

Our print titles: Detailing Track and Diesel Locomotive Modeling Techniques Vol. One take a deep dive into modeling techniques with an emphasis on developing skills and modeling the prototype. Both books feature plenty of useable insights, techniques and encouragement for modelers working in any scale.

Detailing Track

Diesel Locomotive Modeling Techniques

I’m not here to sell anybody on the idea that I’ve found the best way to enjoy the craft. I simply encourage folks to discover that answer for themselves. Developing your skill as a modeler opens many doors to a thoughtful exploration, and really, that’s also part of what a hobby can provide. Use the button below to shop for the books or the menu bar to explore the rest of the site.

Mike Cougill