An Inspiring Craft.

Read the popular magazines or spend time on the usual forums and you’ll get a pretty homogenized view of model railroading. You know, the one where everyone is building the same kind of layout to be happy, or using the top ten amazing tricks, tips and techniques for the same generic results as everyone else.

It’s easy to package up the time worn advice in a fancier wrapper and call it brand new. The advice isn’t bad; it might be in a different format and it’s useful if you’re a newbie but if you’ve been active for several years, it’s the same stuff you’ve seen and read before.

The work of OST Publications isn’t about that.

Instead of focusing on techniques and product-driven advice, these books are about ideas; about looking at the art and craft of railroad modeling in ways that encourage you to think.

This craft is diverse. It can support group activities like operations and also individual expressions of craftsmanship. The beauty of it is, you get to choose what’s meaningful and worthy of your time and effort.

SW1500 diesel by Tony Sissons from his upcoming book.

OST Publications celebrates an inspiring craft, one focused on excellence in both craftsmanship and modeling standards. Through this work you’re encouraged to explore a deeper understanding of what this craft means to you and then use that knowledge as the foundation for your modeling. The books are written to help you help yourself. They pose more questions than they answer because the best place to find such answers is your own heart.

I’m Mike Cougill, the owner of OST Publications. I believe that we all bring a unique perspective to this work. Your pursuit of it should reflect that uniqueness.

Please feel free to browse the online store and discover an inspiring craft.