An Inspiring Craft.

It was baptism by fire into the world of writing when I offered to take over a magazine column in O Scale Trains Magazine, a labor of love niche publication founded by the late Joe Giannovario. A couple of years into the work, the editor’s spot opened up and I was floored when Joe offered it to me. I learned to love writing and the power of words and after stepping down as editor, Joe and I started this company in 2010 to publish books. Our first book, Detailing Track, was my labor of love and a series of single topic ebooks called The Missing Conversation soon followed. After Joe’s untimely passing in 2013, I bought out his interest and I’m now the sole owner.

Your interests may be similar or very different from mine. I bring my curiosity to this craft and I’m rewarded with understanding. The craft teaches me patience and hones my ability to focus. Writing about it taught me how to organize my thoughts and express them clearly. Editing the work of others helped me clarify my own ideas and railroad modeling provided the inspiration and the means. I’m continually learning what’s meaningful to me and as a result, how to thrive.

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Mike Cougill