A reader from the United Kingdom was kind enough to send some generous and constructive feedback on my history of scale modeling in the P87 article from volume 03 of The Missing Conversation. He noted the following:

It was Henry Greenley, not Horace who imported the first scale models from Germany.

George and Robert Stephenson were father and son, not brothers as I indicated.

I also eluded to EM gauge at one point but didn’t cover it in the article. I know nothing about EM gauge and didn’t want to display anymore of my ignorance than I already had. My reader was kind enough to send a couple of informative links from the E. M. Gauge Society for those with further interests in it.



I appreciate this kind of feedback as it helps us all become more knowledgable about the rich history of our hobby. I also apologize for some pretty basic and inexcusable errors in research and proofreading.