Modeling for me is about paying attention to the details. That’s something I didn’t do with the window screen for the Drill Company. Instead of reviewing my photos, I made things up in the belief that it was correct.

Prompted and encouraged by Matt’s comment on the last post, I discovered my mistake. The material choices in the first screen I built are grossly oversized. Compared to the actual screens they are clumsy looking. The discrepancy is so great that I made a new one that is closer to scale in appearance.

The real take-away here is how often I approach the work and let my own hubris lead the way. I’m focused on an outcome of some kind regardless of how I get there. I simply forge ahead and then worry about fixing any mistakes afterward. What if we paid more attention to how and why such mistakes happen in the first place? I could have easily checked my reference photos before hand. Why didn’t I, is a more useful question than how can I fix this?

Too often, I’m my own worst enemy.


A new frame of 0.033″ wire and some wedding veil fabric do the trick.