A handful of folks have experienced problems while downloading TMC 05 or other volumes from the shopping cart, while others haven’t. People from as far away as Australia, Great Britain, even India have successfully received this issue and others without problems. There could be a number of reasons for a failed download.

TMC 05 is a large file coming in at 24mb+ due to the number of photos included. They are 150ppi in resolution for viewing on hi-resolution retina displays such as an iPad 4 and, I can tell you, they look great on such screens. Despite the widespread prevalence of high speed connections, many still have no other options than slower networks or, God help you, dial-up. Large files may be problematic on such connections.

Also, if you try to download from a public hot-spot, you will have a problem. I cannot recommend using such locations. They are slow and far worse, typically unsecured. Your personal information will not be safe if you choose to use one. In a word: Don’t.

Today (July 4), I changed the settings for downloads. Customers should now have five (5) opportunities to download a purchase over the course of three (3) days. This should help folks who may have to delay downloading an issue and those with slower or spotty connections. Should all else fail, please contact me via the form on the website and I’ll send the file directly.

As much as we have wrapped our lives in this digital technology, it is far from bulletproof or perfect. I will look into things on my end to make certain there aren’t any hidden problems. I regret any frustration you may have experienced during the purchase process. It’s frustrating for me too. I appreciate your understanding and patience during these first steps to running things on my own.