I read a post online somewhere, in which the author commented that nothing beats turnouts with scratchbuilt frogs because of the smooth flowing lines possible. He further contended that getting a smooth flow was more difficult with commercial castings. I respectfully disagree with the second assertion. If one is speaking of commercial turnouts with their rigid, inflexible geometry, then I do agree. Smooth, flowing track is more difficult to achieve when you’re locked into the fixed lines from commercial products.

However, prototype turnouts are also made with cast frogs and points, and I submit that they have no problem with getting a smooth flow to the track. In my view, it isn’t the use of commercial frog castings that inhibit smoothness. As proof I offer two photos from my own layout. I use point and frog castings from American Switch and Signal. Photo 1 shows two no. 8 turnouts and Photo 2 is a No. 10. You be the judge about how smooth and flowing the lines through each turnout are.