Creativity can’t be taught from a formula. It can be reduced to a formula but then it isn’t creativity anymore, it’s a set of instructions.

Do these steps in this order. Use these tools and materials in this way. Follow the best practices map and you’ll be fine.

We want guidelines like that because they remove the doubt and answer all our questions. We don’t have to do the heavy lifting because somebody else already did. Things are easy and that’s what most of us want. Easy, simple, tell me what to do. That isn’t creating. That’s following somebody’s rules.

This tells you what I see. What would you learn by following your own curiosity instead of mine?

By its nature creativity looks further. Creativity treats rules as the beginning, not the end goal. Creativity is getting your hands dirty and trying things just to see what happens. Creativity asks what if…

What if the best practices are actually a way to hide from trying something new?

What if we tried?

It might not work. We might look stupid and somebody whose opinion matters more than it should might laugh and publicly shame us. Or worse, just ignore us altogether.

So what? Who cares what Mr. Important Someone thinks? Does Mr. I. S. (whoever that is for you) know what you actually want? Probably not.

I have no idea what anyone wants from a hobby like this. What I do know is that we’ve taken what is ostensibly, one of the most creative crafts imaginable, and sunk eighty plus years into repeating the same instructions over and over, while we squander opportunity after opportunity to nurture people’s curiosity and their ability to see and think for themselves.

I could do the easy thing like everyone else but that isn’t interesting to me. The only map I can effectively draw is the one I’m creating as I go. If you’re interested, then let me tell you about what I’ve found so far. If not, that’s okay too. I think you might enjoy looking over there instead.