After the primer, I had visions of the box car sporting a coat of  yellow paint punctuated by numerous patches of rust. Well, not quite ready for that yet.

As this merciless photo shows, there are a number of rough spots in the primer coat from my sloppy workmanship.

IT ain't over yet_00

In particular, notice the jagged edge of the flange on the inside of the right hand post that supports the ladder rungs. I’ll also point out the generous blobs of CA holding the right side of the bottom and third rungs in place. These are just two of many such examples on the car that need further attention.

So, it's back to the bench.

So, it’s back to the bench.

Back to the bench indeed, as I took an emory board and cut a custom profile on one end to help me get into those tight spaces while preserving those oh so fragile details I labored hard to create.

To be honest, I find this discouraging as I really want to move on from this project. Dealing with such glitches is a genuine battle of will and is typically where I make foolish errors in judgement. The strong temptation is to just let it slide and cover it with a poorly conceived rust bucket style weathering layer. Of course, that will create even bigger problems that will take more effort to fix.

This is why progress on the car has slowed over the past couple of months. Succumbing to a hurry up mindset would be a grave mistake so, I’m taking things slowly and exercising my best judgement. In other words, I’m being very, very deliberate in my approach. Doing something stupid at this point would be beyond understanding. This project has been such a learning experience and has come too far to screw it up now.

I’m always encouraging you to use this craft as a learning tool. Now is the time to practice what I preach.