One Image And A 1000 (or fewer) Words.

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Storytelling, The Art of The Craft, The Modeling Conversation, The P48 Experience | 4 comments

Words and images are powerful things. An image not only conveys the appearance of an object, it can also evoke an emotion. Looking at the image above, do you really need to know what kind of benchwork or scenery material underlies that scene? Does it make a difference what brand of track I used or who manufactured the loco and freight car? Do the room dimensions or the modeling scale even matter?

Instead we have a story about autumn memories. The black and white image sets the mood and perhaps we’ll discover what’s so meaningful about this time of year. From the simple prose we learn this place called Sycamore is small and well off the mainline. We want to know more about this railroad and why that important customer is the heartbeat of its livelihood as a business. Instead of reciting the product list we can all repeat in our sleep, you get a glimpse of what this craft means to me.

A strong image glides right past all our filters and goes right to the heart. Coupled with the right words, it draws us out of ourselves and into its world.


PS. Yes, the image from my layout was manipulated in Photoshop by converting it to black and white, adding the fog and headlight glow. The actual modeling is all genuine however.