Every one of our books has a purpose.

Pieces of the Puzzle demonstrates you don’t need an aircraft hanger to build an enjoyable layout in a large scale.

Detailing Track shows that track is a model worthy of study for its own sake, regardless of the modeling scale you choose to work in.

The Modern Freight Car Series provides a set of close-up photos showing the important details you need to see and understand in order to faithfully model a specific modern freight car. It’s a self-contained package that allows you spend your time modeling instead of trolling the Internet looking for photos of obscure details.

Our new quarterly publication, The Missing Conversation, challenges conventional wisdom by providing a point of view based on the hobby as a craft and an art form featuring an approach to subject matter seldom seen elsewhere.

The forthcoming book on landscape modeling (2013 hopefully) helps you learn how to “see” and understand the landscape so you can model it more faithfully in miniature.

In simple terms, the thing that keeps me coming back to the keyboard to write is a desire to empower modelers in making their own choices instead of relying on the whims of manufacturers or another’s ideas. This hobby can be so much more that a recreational past time or way to get rid of disposable income (I have vague memories of what that is). It can be a means to provide a life time of enjoyment by developing skills that will never leave you once acquired. It can be a pathway to discovering abilities you never knew you had and the more you learn, the more of yourself you bring to the development of such skills, the more deeply enjoyable the process becomes. That’s why I write.