Security Screens For The Drill Co.

by Jul 9, 2019Modeling Techniques, The P48 Experience4 comments

At one time, metal security screens protected the ground floor windows of the Hoosier Drill Company building. These were nothing more than a heavy steel mesh welded to a frame of bar or angle stock.

To make one I used some 1/64” by 1/16” bar stock for the frame along with some brass micro-mesh screen from Scale Scenics. The job was simple on the surface but I took pains to make an accurate frame that is a press fit for the window opening. I soldered the corners and used gel CA to attach the screen. I would have preferred to solder everything but wasn’t certain my skills were up to that extensive of a job. Since it’s a static detail, the CA is fine.

I gave the screen a bath in Blacken-It™ followed by a mix of Tamiya browns and flat black paint. A final dusting with rust colored chalk completed the work and I’m happy to hide the crappy workmanship of that window sash.

With the major work on the cameo done, I can add details like this at a leisurely pace when the mood strikes. That feels like a good place to be in the craft.