Just a quick tour of the corner. North E Street with its concrete surface runs the length of the siding while the older brick pavement of 13th Street is still showing. Both use foam core sheet as a base with the top paper layer peeled off so I could introduce a water shedding crown by sanding down the outer edges. For the visible pavement, JTT weathered brick sheet does the job for 13th Street, while the concrete surface of North E is lightweight spackling compound. The storm water grate near the corner is scratchbuilt and it needs to be replaced by a better effort in my opinion. I’m also disappointed with how the lane markings turned out. Yellow is such a transparent color, therefore it’s hard to get the opaque coverage needed with a single coat. I sprayed the markings after taping off the surrounding areas and as you can plainly see, it didn’t work as planned. I need to try a different approach. Both streets represent a solid beginning but require many more details and touch up before I consider them complete. -Mike