I often comment that we need to tell stories, better stories that convey the richness and depth this craft can provide, if you’re willing to invest something of yourself in it.

We agree I think, that there’s nothing wrong with the idea of having fun. But fun comes in numerous forms and definitions. Also, basing the marketing of the hobby on the concept of fun is shortsighted thinking in my view. Fun as a concept is similar to a sugary treat. It tastes good in the moment, but doesn’t satisfy for the long term. And, many of the readers of this blog, at least those who comment, know that pursuing something over the long term is where the real satisfaction is found. Acknowledging again, how individual that is.

In light of all that, I’m going to open the discussion up. How would you readers organize a better story about this hobby? What would you say? Which aspects would you focus on? There is no right or wrong answer. No one size fits all narrative. I think a good starting point is my favorite premise of why. Why should I care? Why do you as a modeler care about this craft? What does it provide that other pursuits do not? We don’t consider these ideas that often, as we’ve gotten too entangled in the technical aspects of modeling scale and era; of one prototype versus another; of going with handlaid or commercial track, none of which go to the heart of why we’re involved in this craft.

I read an excellent post this morning about how mankind has for centuries, used stories to learn our way around this world of ours. Yet, when it comes to railroad modeling, we’re lousy storytellers. The narrative matters. Words matter. Like details on a model, it matters. Who will start?