You can come away from a scratchbuilding article feeling like there is only one way to do something and if you’re not doing it that way; you’re doing it wrong.

Volume 12 of The Missing Conversation takes a different approach as you’re invited back to the workbench for a conversation about the completion of the PS5344 scratchbuilding project that started in Vol. 11.

In this volume the story follows the car up to the primer stage, covering the major assemblies like the underframe, the car sides and roof, along with the smaller details like the ladders, brake system, doors and draft gear. There’s also a short essay on whether a built-to-scale underframe is really feasible for operation on typical model railroad curvature.

The build wasn’t all smooth sailing; there were mistakes and lessons to be learned from them. And while there are plenty of specifics of materials and component sizes, this story is less of a how-to and more of a journal about growing as a modeler.

Volume 12 is in the store now. Thank you.