What happens when the hobby wins the race to the bottom?*
*(What’s that? The relentless pursuit of turning it into something any idiot can do in his sleep.)

What happens when modelers find content specific blogs, videos and podcasts more relevant than general interest legacy magazines? Presenting: The Rio Grande Southern Show (all the RSS on the RGS), The Ophir Blog: keeping you in the loop! or BNSF Knows Best?

What happens when a modeler (ahem: railroad model consumer) can purchase any freight, passenger car or other item she wants from a rapid prototyping service?

What happens when battery powered equipment renders layout wiring and proprietary control systems obsolete?

What happens when 3-D printers are in people’s homes and workshops? When you can print a layout section, a tree model or track? (Ludicrous you say? I know at least two modelers who have taken the first step toward 3D printed track components.)

What happens when the sacred cow basement-sized layout becomes a mad cow burden that’s too costly in terms of time, money and other resources? (Like the costs to get rid of it.)

What happens when train shows/expos that refuse to change with the times, don’t have enough people attending to justify their existence?

What happens when the digital revolution with all its implications is complete?

What happens if people keep pretending that everything is just fine and the status quo serves us quite well thank you very much; or when no one gives a damn anymore about doing their best?

What happens if someone would give these questions serious thought and did something with them?