Things can change when you’re not paying attention. I hadn’t been down to Cedar Grove in some time before August of 2010. I was taking a friend on a tour of the line and we stopped to see the mill. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up and saw what was going on.

The old mill had been transformed from the state in the photo above to what you see below. Quite a change and a shock to the system!



Ryan Fohl, the grandson of the original builder Casper Fohl, was doing some renovations. In a later e-mail, he explained that something had to be done to stabilize the structure or it would be lost. Well, nothing lasts forever.  I don’t know what use the building is serving now but the changes in appearance have been dramatic. Looks like it could go on for another one hundred years.


Mike Cougill


  1. James Lincoln

    I know what you mean Mike. When I wrote my article on Corn Syrup plants for MRP 2010, I highlighted two different facilities. Both were relatively modern metal buildings like we see all the time nowadays. The facility in Framingham, adjacent to Nevens Yard, even had four outside storage tanks and, as I noted in my article, it seemed like a more interesting facility to model. Within 6 months of the printing of that article, however, the facility in Framingham was gone, even the concrete foundation was removed, although the tracks are still there. Fortunately this was not a case of “I wish I had gotten pictures,” as I have lots of photos of that facility. The lesson, however, is a good one: If we see something that we would like to model or looks like a cool scene, take photos then if we can. We can’t be sure, even if it is a newer building that it will be the same when we come back.

    As far as this building goes, I guess I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m glad that it still exists, on the other one laments the loss of a cooler structure.

  2. mike

    Hi Jim,
    I enjoyed that article. One of the perks of your job is the ability to get those up close and personal shots I can only dream of.

    Mike Cougill

  3. peter trisonic

    I still think the buildings have a great deal of character – at least they are not “cookie-cutter”……..
    James, your “Corn Syrup” article had quite a profound effect upon me (particularly the reminder that certain cars have to be spotted in one place only on a siding). I stashed the book in a secure place to get back to it and now can’t find it!!!
    So it goes!

    Btw apologies for switching between US and English terms – that’s who I am.