Hubris and Ignorance

by Feb 3, 2021The Modeling Conversation

It’s a perfect example of not leaving well enough alone. I wanted to true up the 45-degree angle on this piece and foolishly thought the mill was the tool for the job.

The setup was straightforward and I thought the piece was well secured which, in fact, it was. However, thin brass like the 0.014-inch sidewall of this rectangular tubing likes to grab and that’s what happened. While the work piece itself was secured, this fragile end wasn’t as well supported and that fact resulted in the outcome seen here. The piece will have to be remade from scratch.

It’s frustrating to be certain, especially since the situation was entirely avoidable from the outset. I could have chosen a less risky method to bring the angle in line but I didn’t. Lesson learned; the hard way as usual. The work will be delayed for a day or two as I’m out of quarter-inch brass tubing and will have to wait until my order arrives.

Hubris mixed with ignorance is a deadly often vile combination. If you’re lucky and can find some humility, a good lesson will be learned and not soon forgotten. In a hobby where mistakes are seldom discussed, it’s good to know the path forward is still open once you dust yourself off from the stumble.