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That’s my day job here; creating and selling books that take a different approach to the hobby from the cookie-cutter norm. The blog isn’t going away, but it’s mainly for fun.

Here is a short (less than a minute each) video I made about one of our titles. I’m proud of this work and I hope you enjoy the video, it was fun to do.

TMC 03:




  1. Dunks

    Detailing Track is highly recommended.

    I speak solely as a satisfied customer.

  2. mike

    And, along with all of our customers, you are one we are grateful to have. Thank you Simon.

    Regards, Mike

  3. Dunks

    To continue the “love in”, the first paragraph on page 46 – particularly the third and final sentence – contains the best advice I have ever seen in a model railway book. It relates to everything we do in modelling, and quite a lot outside, too.

    Worth the price alone, which is why I am not revealing what it is!

  4. mike

    Hmm, I had to look that up.