It’s hard to express how much this simple photo reminds me of childhood memories. In many ways, this image taken on the layout captures that time and atmosphere. I think “it’s enough” is the best way to say it.

It’s enough to express my interests in model trains.

It’s enough to convey the emotion I feel.

It’s enough to show others, in a tangible way, what the craft means to me.

Enough. I think that sums it up well.



  1. Jeff

    Two powerful words. I’m learning how well they apply to this hobby. I have spent a lot of time this year re-evaluating and assessing what is enough in this hobby. I don’t remember where I read it or heard it but the phrase “does it bring me joy?” has been a tremendous help in unloading the excesses I’ve accumulated over decades and determining my path in the future.

  2. Chris Mears

    This is a beautiful and intimate moment. In a hobby that compulsively asks if it will ever be enough it takes courage to declare you’ve found It.

    Thank you for this