1. Peter

    Mike, I love your posts. Yes, I would have read it if it was plain text.

  2. Rhett Graves

    This gets at a question I asked you a few years back about techniques to translate what we see into model form. I don’t immediately think of breaking things down into contrast, texture, light and color. These are valuable concepts to understand. I see a good many European modelers who seem to make more effective use of these than their American counterparts. Is this a matter of study of these concepts or imitating modeling techniques?

  3. mike

    Hi Rhett,
    I want to answer this more completely in the next post where it’ll be easier to illustrate my points. The short answer is that I don’t break things down like you suggest either. Like most people I see the object first and respond to the various qualities as I study it. Stay tuned. -Mike