I don’t do this often but I think it’s time for an update about what’s happening with OST Publications.

The Missing Conversation
I’ve been pleased with the reception this ebook series has received. As expected, some titles are more popular than others but overall, you folks have embraced the concept. Since the introduction of this series, my philosophy toward the craft has evolved and so has my eye for graphic design. The early volumes are nearly ten years old now and are in need of an update.

In recent years I’ve seen a clear trend in the sales of volumes 1-2 on layout design, volume 05 on switching, along with volumes 11-12 on scratch building. These are often purchased together and I believe revised editions on these subjects are in order. That work is underway now and the revisions to the text for volumes 1-2 are nearly completed. Next comes page layout and new photos. The other volumes will be updated as time and schedule allow but it’s my intent to dive in and get the work done.

Detailing Track
I’m happy to report that sales of
DT remain strong. The book filled a need and the original print run is nearly sold out. As of today (November 12, 2019) I only have 210 copies left in inventory.

Like TMC, this book is almost ten years old and a second revised edition is also underway. This will be a totally new book that includes material not covered in the first edition.

The new edition of Detailing Track will be available in ebook form and I’m debating on whether to do it in print again. I know that many of you prefer print but the production costs of print are a major hurdle and I would have to see a significant demand (as in 300 plus requests) for a print version before going ahead.

Tony Sissons Next Book
Tony’s next book is also in the pipeline. It’s titled: Methods Of Work: Techniques, Tools And Jigs For Better Modeling.

This will be a major work covering the advanced modeling techniques Tony uses to lift his models out of the ordinary. I don’t have a firm publication date yet. Stay tuned for updates.

For those who don’t know, OST Publications is just Susan and I. (She handles the bookkeeping.) As a small operation I’m limited in what I can do and the resources I have available. It’s what I signed up for and I’m grateful to have this work. In addition to producing the books, I write the blog, prep and take orders to the post office, deal with order problems and whatever else comes up. Once in a while I spend some time at the work bench and with the layout. It can be a handful at times but that’s okay.

That’s where things are at the moment. As the new titles are ready, I’ll post notices here and on the OST Facebook page.



  1. Timothy Huebner

    I would like to see the next detailing track book in print. I page through my current one quite often. I have even shown it to several non modeler friends to show what I find so intriguing in this particular hobby. The skills that one builds attaining higher levels of skill through focus and practice.

  2. mike

    Duly noted Tim and welcome to the blog.