Diesel Locomotive Modeling Techniques Ebook


Tony Sissons turns a garden variety model into a show-stopper. Each chapter is a mini-tutorial in its own right with  techniques that are applicable to any model in any scale. You will learn how to evaluate a project, how to modify and scratch build the details you need along with extensive coverage of his weathering process.  The book comes in both print and ebook form.


Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks to admire a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship? What are we drawn to in such work?  I believe we’re drawn to the heart and soul of the maker.

We are surrounded by cheap thoughtless junk. A well-crafted object shows us what’s possible when someone is thoughtful, deliberate and cares enough to go beyond the minimum effort. The end result is often artistry and craft. I believe these qualities are an invitation for others to look closer and enjoy our work.

Is It For Me?
It would be a mistake to think this book is only about modeling a specific SW1500. On the surface it is but it’s also a guide for modeling a range of details that are useful for many diesel locomotives.

How and where do you begin a model? (Pages 4-7)

How do you model a large cooling fan?  (Pages 14-18)

How do you convincingly weather a cab roof? (Pages 40-48)

Want to improve the pilot details? You’ll learn how in this book.

Tired of that gaping hole in most diesel coupler pockets? Tony shows you how to scratch build an EMD pocket to scale.

An Invitation To Look Closer
Model building is something to enjoy and get better at for its own sake. Many people enjoy the challenge of crafting fine details and knowing they are correct for a particular model.

This book is an invitation to learn from an experienced modeler who generously shares his techniques (and failures). You get to share in a conversation with the builder about what worked and didn’t in the pursuit of his goal.

You don’t need to build an SW1500 or work in HO scale to enjoy this book. I believe there is room in this craft for books that tell a larger story about the relationship of a modeler to his work.

If, like many, you prefer the experience of holding a good book in the hand then I encourage selecting the print version for its relaxed reading experience, while International customers may find the digital edition to be a simpler, more cost effective choice.

The cost for the print version is 24.95 plus 8.55 for USPS flat rate Priority shipping (US orders only.)

For both US and International orders, the digital edition is 9.99 with immediate download. If you truly enjoy quality modeling that is made by hand with simple tools, please consider a copy for your library.

Reviews and Comments

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A thoughtful review from Chris Mears.

The Modeling Workbench of James Hilton
A well illustrated blog post about the book.


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