The Missing Conversation Vol. 3


As important as what we build, are the standards we choose to build with. Volume 03 looks at the fine scale standards of P87 and P48 and why they matter. There’s also a tour of Warner Clark’s Maumee Basin Line layout.


From The Intro To Vol. 3

I believe the hobby can be a lifelong journey; one that enriches your life in a number of ways. To that end, The Missing Conversation is a place where we consider the deeper questions of railroad modeling.

Volume 03 looks at an aspect of the hobby that is greatly misunderstood by many: Finescale modeling. It’s more than just using a set of tighter standards for track and wheels, to some, it’s a modeling philosophy. In this volume we look at P87 and P48 by weaving
a narrative beginning with a brief history of prototype wheels and then progress on to both movements. The story is more fascinating than I imagined.

I’ve heard that showing is often better than telling, so there’s a rich visual tour of Warner Clark’s popular P48 Nickel Plate inspired layout to help your understanding of finescale modeling in the real world.



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