The Missing Conversation Vol. 4


Volume 4 dives deep into the craftsman’s mind with interviews from two outstanding modelers: Tony Sissons, in HO and Capt. Tom Mix, USMC (Ret.) in P48.


From The Intro To Vol. 4

Mention the word “craftsmanship” and images ranging from a pragmatic approach to fabrication, fit and function, or some quasi-mystical-overly-spiritualized ideal flood the mind.

This volume is near to my heart, because it features the work of two gentlemen who are quickly becoming good friends.
I came to know Tom Mix when I edited O Scale Trains Magazine, where his work was always a crowd pleaser. Using brass, Tom scratchbuilds Burlington steam locos in quarter-inch scale to P48 standards. He fabricates each detail as required including wheels and truck assemblies in order to faithfully duplicate a specific loco in miniature.

I discovered the work of Tony Sissons upon joining the ProtoModeler Forum in 2011(now defunct sadly). Tony likes to take a commercial model and turn it into a replica of a specific prototype. He is uncompromising in his research and efforts when it comes to making the details he wants a model to have. That he can fabricate the smallest of these details in HO also floors me. Taken together, their work is an inspiring and compelling example of what
one can do in this hobby.


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