Our bookDetailing Track, has a lot of info on prototype track and how to model it realistically. While all of the modeling examples featured in the book are done to P48 standards, the book features a ton of useful stuff to learn from regardless of the scale you’re working in.

As examples of that here are two modelers working in different scales, who have found the information contained in the book helpful.

My friend Trevor Marshall, cohost of the Model Railway Show, is building a new S scale layout based on a Canadian National branchline.

Trevor’s Port Rowan project features handlaid track and he’s using the methods and observations from the book to detail the ties before laying the rail. The blog has many entries outlining the thinking and steps behind his work.

Fellow P48 modeler Chester, is also applying the philosophy of using as long a turnout as space permits from the book as he builds his own New England shortline based model railroad called the Hopedale and Barre.

As an author, it is truly gratifying to know that your work is being put to good use in the real world. That’s why I wrote the book.




  1. RS-2

    Hi Mike,

    Just found out about this site. Thank you for the mention. It was a surprise and unexpected.

    The name of the railroad is Hopedale and Barre RR. I changed the name to correspond with the back dating to the fall of 1959.

    Chester Louis

  2. mike

    Hi Chester,
    Glad you found us. It’s my pleasure to feature the work of fellow P48 modelers.

    Sorry about the name mix-up but it’s all fixed now.