Chris Roy sent me a link to this channel and I’ve enjoyed watching a few of the videos. It’s always interesting to me how the prototype deals with things versus the way modelers view similar things.

Here are a couple of examples.

The next time a model derails and you just put it back on the track with one hand, consider the effort involved in cleaning up this mess.

We often ignore small details on a model, especially if they’re not easily seen. These two videos show why such details matter on the real car.

Enjoy if you watch any or all of them and thanks for the link Chris.


  1. Chris Roy

    Glad you enjoyed the videos, Mike. The first-hand perspective and commentary offer so much depth and background to the common interest we share here

  2. mike

    “The first-hand perspective and commentary offer so much depth…”

    Couldn’t agree more Chris. He clearly enjoys his work. Thanks for the link.