TMC06 coverComposing a layout scene can be hard and often frustrating for many modelers. The temptation to overcrowd things is alway there and most of us wade right into that trap, myself included. The solution is to study the prototype as closely as you would for a freight car or structure.

Removal of the Mill Track

In TMC 06, I share the trials and frustration involved with analyzing why a scene on the I&W wasn’t working and the solution I came to. Continuing the theme, modeler James McNab shares his techniques for creating what he calls the Endless Horizon effect on his HO Iowa Interstate Grimes Industrial Line.

As always, there are plenty of large photos and the depth of coverage you’ve come to expect. Enjoy.

MikeCasper Fohl's flour mill Cedar Grove, IN 8-07-'08 wr

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  1. Matt


    Just downloaded TMC06 last night. Once again excellent job and full of insight and ideas. Keep up the good work.