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Volume 07 of The Missing Conversation is ready for download. From one era to the next and from mainline to secondary track, there are distinct differences that we seldom pay attention to. And, let’s get this question out of the way now. This is not just a rehash of old material from my previous book Detailing Track. Volume 07 features all new material on track modeling. Here’s a sample of what’s in store.

TMC07 p5 Track: Then and Now article intro.

The lead story, Track: Then and Now looks at the differences in track details between the Transition and Modern Eras. There is more to see then joint bars every thirty-nine feet. 24 pages of large color photos show the wealth of details on mainline and secondary track, along with turnouts from both eras, that most modelers ignore. Track is hardly the uniform one-size-fits-all situation that we think it is.

TMC07 P29 Ribbons of Steel In The Grass article intro.

Ribbons of Steel In The Grass by Trevor Marshall.
Trevor shares his thinking behind modeling the run-down track of a Canadian National branchline near the end-of-service in the 1950s. Lot’s of close-up photos of Trevor’s wonderful Port Rowan S scale layout.

TMC07 p42 Lessons Learned article intro.

Lastly, Lessons Learned: Forty Years of Handlaid Track.
No one is good at hand-laying track at first. Like any skill it comes with practice over time. Hand-laying track is something to approach with anticipation of the joy and satisfaction it brings, not as an Herculean labor to be endured like a form of punishment.

You can find your copy here.

Merry Christmas and my appreciation and heartfelt thanks for reading the blog and supporting the work in 2013.



  1. Simon

    The latest issue is, as ever, a wonderful combination of inspiration, encouragement, and thought provocation.

    Trevor’s piece and photos are simply awesome. I think his photography has reached new heights with the selection provided and chosen.

    This a highly-recommended complement to “Detailing Track”, a copy of which should reside on every fine scale modeller’s most-accessed bookshelf.


    Simon requested that I add the following to his comment -Mike

    “I should own up to a slight bias here, as I proof-read this issue for Mike, so could be seen as part of OST (Mike very kindly sent me a revised copy as a thank you: obviously I had already seen and read it!) In truth, the only issue I had was with not being able to burst into print saying how good it was, and how stunningly well Trevor’s photos had turned out.

    “I get no other commission for this: my support was offered to Mike because I think what he is doing, needs doing. And he does it so much more eloquently than I ever could.”

  2. mike

    Thank you Simon. I appreciate that you find the work of such value. Your proofreading skills are equally valuable to me. Providing modelers with good value is always a team effort. As TMC matures and grows, such help will become even more critical to its success.