I haven ‘t had much bench time recently, and the time I have spent has been less productive. I’m dealing with a complication in one eye from the cataract surgery and it’s frustrating. My vision is blurred and that makes reading text or doing close work nearly impossible. I’m on medication for the condition and things are slowly improving but needless to say, the work is suffering. That’s why there weren’t any posts last week as there was very little to share that was worth your time reading. Even typing this short post took forever and I hope I got all the typos out of it.

The blurriness will take several weeks to resolve, which means that very little modeling is likely to happen for now. I’ll just have to see (no pun intended) how things go.

In the meanwhile, I do hope you enjoy your holidays and have a blessed New Year ahead. I’ll be back when things have shaped up a bit.



  1. Jason

    Hope you get better soon. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Lee Gustafson


    Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery .

  3. Chris

    Happy holidays to you as well. Feel better!

  4. mike

    Chris, Jason and Lee, thanks for the kind thoughts. They’re deeply appreciated. -Mike

  5. Greg Amer

    Happy Holidays Mike. I hope you’re vision gets better soon.

  6. mike

    Thanks Greg. Merry Christmas to you and your family. -Mike