P48: Is It For You? is a free 47 page guidebook to help you find the answers you need to get started in P48 modeling.

It pulls back the opaque curtain that surrounds quarter-inch scale and outlines the essentials of what you need to know such as where to find stuff, the counterintuitive aspects of layout design in P48, and what it does and, equally important, doesn’t do better than other modeling scales.

The real question you’re likely asking is can I do what I want in P48? With a few exceptions, the odds are you can but you need to understand, it won’t be as easy or simple as you’re used in HO or N scales.

Just click on the cover image below, then save the file to your drive and feel free to share it to your heart’s content.



Other Relevant Titles For P48 Modeling From The OST Publications Bookstore

Detailing Track covers handlaying and weathering P48 track with a high degree of craftsmanship.
A meaningful and satisfying layout doesn’t look the same for everyone. Vols. 1-2 of The Missing Conversation take a long look at layout design from the perspective of asking and answering questions about why. Why are you making these choices, what do you hope to gain as a result? These questions and others are relevant to P48 modeling in that you will need to set your priorities from the start.
Vol. 3 provides a look at the practicalities of finescale and a tour of Warner Clark’s Maumee Basin Lines P48 layout. Vol. 4 includes two interivews with Tony Sissons and Capt. Tom Mix, USMC Ret. about their approach to craftsmanship in modeling.
Vol. 5 presents the switching operations of a small plastics factory that would translate well to a modest P48 layout design.
Vols. 11-12 cover a scratchbuilt Pullman Standard boxcar that is not commercially available in quarter-inch scale.