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Privacy Policy
OST Publications does not sell, rent or distribute your personal information for any reason. The information you provide is only used to fulfill your order. I do not send out marketing emails or newsletters and will only contact you if I find an issue with your order that I think should be addressed. For example: a mailing address the post office doesn’t recognize, or to confirm a book has arrived safely.

The shopping cart uses Woo Commerce, a WordPress plug-in, to gather relevant information: name, address and so on, to process the order. I use Stripe or Pay Pal to handle credit card payments and you should review their privacy terms for how your information is processed.

If you have any concerns or discomfort about placing an order online, I suggest not doing so. Your safety and satisfaction are more important.

Problems With An Order
If there is a problem with your order, please contact me first and let me know what the issue is, so I can fix it for you. If you lose an ebook file for any reason, let me know and I will replace it. If a physical book arrives damaged, let me know and we will work to find a mutually satisfying solution.

Terms of Use
When making a blog comment, just be respectful and remember we’re all-human and see things differently.  That’s all I ask.

Mike Cougill
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Privacy Policy

Terms Of Use

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Never lose an ebook from OST Publications.

If you’ve purchased an ebook and the file gets lost or deleted for any reason, just contact me and I can send a replacement copy.