As railfans, we document the times we live in. As much as I would like this image to feature a PRR M1, or a lumbering I1 hippo pulling a long westbound freight out of Glen Yards, these Norfolk Southern behemoths have charms of their own to offer. This image was shot in late September of 2018 if memory serves me well (which it seldom does anymore). It was a cool and damp morning with a heavy dew from the previous night softening the golden light of the rising sun. The 300mm lens is fully extended since I’m a block or so away from the end of the siding. The long lens and shooting into the morning sun dictate the use of a tripod

The noise bouncing off the nearby buildings is visceral, as the engineer gets his train underway. It was one of those you-had-to-be-there to truly appreciate it moments. 

While we may differ in our preferences in the subject of such images, we can relate to the shared experience of steel wheels under power and all that it represents emotionally, visually and symphonically. It’s one of the many common bonds that draws each of us trackside.