We’re still doing the fine tuning, especially to the blog. The new page was built in Adobe Muse and the main navigation for the site is on the stationary vertical bar to the left. The page will scroll up as you click on each item. The Store link will take you there via a new window.

This is the desktop version, built for a 27″ widescreen monitor. It also looks good on my wife’s 15″ laptop. To my surprise, it also looks okay on my iPad. I haven’t seen it on a cell phone, yet. I’ve no doubt it looks strange, so bear with me a bit longer. I have native tablet and phone versions built and we’re trying to figure out how to get all three on the server and arranged so each comes up according to the device.

This post is on the existing WordPress blog that’s been embedded into the new page similar to how you would for a YouTube video. All of the older posts are still here, I’m just looking for the switch that I accidentally hit that made them disappear.┬áHope to get it figured out soon. Meanwhile have a look around.

If you’re in the blog page, you may notice I’ve removed several pages from the WordPress site that are no longer needed. Any links or ping backs to these are likely broken now. Sorry about that.

I wanted the site to be more visually appealing, cleaner and easier to navigate without having to click multiple times. Let me know what you think. (Did I say that out loud?)



  1. Rich Steenwyk

    First impression is that it is nice and clean with a sharp look, though a screen resolution of 1280×1024 required horizontal scrolling to see all content.

  2. mike

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the input. It’s definitely a work that’s still in progress and there are bugs to work out. I’m aware of the overly wide page and the need for scrolling on some monitors. I agree it’s annoying and I’m working on a fix. If anyone has tried to view the site on a phone, you’ll notice it doesn’t scroll and some material is cut off on the bottom. Working on that too. This all might take more time than I’d like, so I may revert back to just the blog for now. It’ll be worth the frustration and effort in the long run.