With this work you have an opportunity to care, to exercise judgement and to expand your understanding and skills.

You can make your life easier in the future by making your wiring invisible and bulletproof from the beginning. You can organize it so that troubleshooting is simpler, or you can slop it together just to get it done because everybody knows wiring isn’t fun.

Hook and tandem tieplates finished. Copyright 2014, Mike Cougill

You have an opportunity to bring high standards and aesthetic judgement to every aspect of a modeled scene. You have an opportunity to deepen your understanding, stretch your skills and become a more discerning modeler. Or you can scatter your efforts and make compromise upon compromise because after all, it’s just a hobby.

Silt applied to the canal bed

You have an opportunity to create something you’ll reflect on with satisfaction. Something that will draw you and others to it for many years.

Or, you can choose to not care, make excuses, complain about the effort involved or time it takes to do something you said you wanted to do. Every time you enter the layout space or sit down at your workbench you have an opportunity to do one or the other. Which one is your choice to make and opportunity to do or squander.