Prior to making a significant change to the layout I mocked it up using Photoshop.

Using the clone stamp tool I erased the tracks I was considering for removal to see how the changes would look before tearing into the actual work. Doing it this way saved me any possible regrets if I didn’t like the outcome. Knowing how things would look and thinking through the impact on future operations let me move ahead without the first tinge of remorse or second guessing.

Layout changes before

The area of the layout before alterations. The Mill Track, the middle track with freight cars and the associated turnouts are slated for removal.

Layout changes after

The tracks have been edited out via the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop by cloning sections of groundcover to erase them.

I have Photoshop as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 for my work (still pondering the implications of the never-ending subscription model Adobe has gone to). However,¬†any photo-editing program worth its price should let you do similar work.