Sometimes an illustration conveys more understanding than text. This drawing is from Volume 09 and might help you envision a different way of thinking about a project or hobby related problem. Just replace the emphasis on trees with whatever.OST infographic: A framework for thinking about problem solutions.



  1. Simon

    Pardon the pun, but where does this analogy leave the foliage?


  2. mike

    In typical American haste, I guess they got leafed out! 😉


  3. Simon

    Have you twigged it yet, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    They provide colour and detail. Unless of course, it is a different time of the year, in which case the fine filigree structure that supports the leaves needs careful attention. (Analogy: you can’t take a shortcut over the fine detail, but without the correct supporting framework, it just becomes deadfall.)

    When you first put this idea forward, I thought of Tony Buzan’s mind maps, albeit in a more focused form. But this is not the same: the roots see to that. If you like, they reflect core values/beliefs/desires, but also the available resources of time, money, skill and determination (amongst others). If I may draw a parallel, and bring a certain Canadian into this, one interpretation is that Trevor is a finescale modeller of railways, and this is the root of the Marshall Tree. The trunk is the Port Rowan branch of the CNR, modelled in S and set in the 1950s. For the branches, twigs and leaves, well, see his blog… Deadfall? Not necessarily the now abandoned 0n2, but building a “basement empire”.

    This does not mean that the tree will remain like this for ever, and like apple trees, we have no idea what form the next one will take.


  4. mike

    Yes, exactly Simon.

    This is just a metaphor and a way of thinking about a project of any kind.